Excellence in Hospitality Training: A Deep Dive into Ritz-Carlton vs. the School for Butlers & Hospitality

In the world of luxury hospitality, few names are as synonymous with excellence as Ritz-Carlton. With a legacy that spans over a century, Ritz-Carlton has set the gold standard for service and guest experience. On the other hand, the School for Butlers & Hospitality is a prestigious institution that offers specialized training in butler services and hospitality. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of elite hospitality training and compare the School for Butlers & Hospitality with the renowned gold standard set by Ritz-Carlton.

Vincent Vermeulen - 01.11.2023


Teaming up with the number one cruise line

In a new partnership with Silversea, we created an unique butler training program to offer a new way of hospitality during a cruise.

Vincent Vermeulen - 12.03.2022


Butler schools around the world: unite!

So what does this student expect to receive? Clearly the knowledge you need to become a butler, maybe even build a network with your fellow students (some become friends for life) but what they really are is insecure. Can I do this? Do I have enough experience? What if I fail? So the last thing they are looking for is a training where they are belittled, not respected, scammed and manipulated. With regret, these are exactly the things that happened recently in a school on the African continent.

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The most important quality of every butler is without any doubt discretion. Butlers work mainly for very rich families who often have a lot of power, influence and standing. That is why they run the risk, more than the average person, of falling victim to those whose intentions are bad. Not being discreet as a butler can have terrible consequences.

Vincent Vermeulen - 01.06.2020


Can a butler have a private life?

I guess that this is a question that relates to the older image of the butler. The days where butlers and other servants were working in bigger households and had a live in position. Did you know by the way that around the 1900 hundreds almost 800,000 families in England employed some sort of servant. Not always a butler but it could well be a Maid. These maids were often not living in the house.

But to come back to your question… click here to see the video

Vincent Vermeulen - 09.05.2020


Belgian butler school awarded as most innovative

During the most recent worldwide hospitality awards in Paris, School for Butlers and Hospitality was amongst the 3 finalists for best innovation in an educational program.

Vincent Vermeulen - 10.11.2017


The 7 books every butler should read

Here is a list of the books that every butler should read. I always say that training never sleeps. It’s like a great sportsman, every day you have to hone your skills.

The profession of butler asks you to be skilled in many different traits. You need to be a cook, a manager, a professional and even a marketeer.

I have selected for you seven books which we feel you should have read. You think I’m going to recommend to all sorts of books on wines, service also over where. Then you’ve got it wrong. Being a butler is all about personality. It’s about stretching yourself. It’s having that hunger for knowledge.

Vincent Vermeulen - 22.08.2017


What it means to be a 21st century butler

A Christmas in London is the sum of many endeavours. The Harrods hamper, a dish cooked by Ashley Palmer-Watts and a floral arrangement by Neill Strain. The days of butlers making centrepieces are gone.

Vincent Vermeulen - 05.07.2017


How to make a change and kick-start your butler career

The beautiful profession of butler allows you to interact with professionals on a high level. On top of that you get the opportunity to work in the most amazing places in the world

Vincent Vermeulen - 17.01.2017


Our mansion, we're finally home

It is our privilege to inform you School for Butlers & Hospitality will be moving to it’s final destination.

As of 2016, it is our pleasure to announce our new training venue. The estate is over 86,000 square feet and is the type of domain where we see most of our former students working.

Vincent Vermeulen - 01.03.2016


Yacht training

School for Butlers and Hospitality had the privilege of training the service and housekeeping crew of one of the largest private Motor Yachts in the world.

The crew was trained during a 5 day course in all aspects of high level service, table service and valeting. Not only did the students enjoy the training, also the trainers of our school were priviliged to work in this unique environment.

Our client* expressed his gratitude in a recommendation letter:


Kimberly Van Tornhout - 31.03.2015


Why we do what we do...

Ever wondered why you get up every morning and go to work? If you ask us, we will tell you because we are passionated about our job, we love what we do.

This video will tell you more.

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At your Service - Flanders Today

From Bertie Wooster’s Jeeves to Bruce Wayne’s Alfred to Jabba the Hutt’s Bib Fortuna, the butler has become a fixture in the popular imagination. The archetypal valet is a human Swiss army knife, able to carry out any task required by his boss, who is often only half as competent for all his blue blood. And yet the butler remains loyal through thick and thin.

Vincent Vermeulen - 14.08.2013

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