Is 8 weeks enough to become a butler ?

Being a butler is about the will to change your lifestyle. It is about constantly bringing out the best in yourself, being hungry for knowledge and willing to reach the highest standard in service. We teach you the right techniques based on our unique curriculum, daily practice and the interaction with real guests.

Based on many years of experience we’re convinced that in 8 weeks time you will be highly trained and very able to run a household on a high level. Most importantly we will give you the tools to keep studying even when you leave the school.

Do you offer online courses ?

No, Mr Vermeulen and his instructors have a great deal of experience on the field. It is impossible to teach you what a butler is over the internet. The body language, the personal stories, the testimonials of former students, now working for HNW families, they all make up a unique way of teaching.

There is no way, and there will be never a way of bringing over emotions and feelings in a digital way.

The course is a big investment, why is that?

That is mainly due to the length of the training.
Included in the fee is 3 meals a day with unlimited drinks, coffee breaks with snacks, accommodation (bed linen and towels included), documentation, training materials and a high end 3 piece butler uniform (with tie, bow tie, waistcoat and cuff links). All other items needed to be our guest for 8 weeks is included as well: fully stocked laundry room, transportation, high speed wifi, office supplies, free use of our Netflix account, and many more… Of course, not to forget 8 weeks of the most complete training around on our amazing estate. You are basically our guest.

All transportation to and from field trips are included as well, even a 2 day trip to London!
Anyhow, the fee should not be the reason of your final decision, it should be your feeling you have with our school, so come visit us!

What about the butler uniform? Is this included in the fee ?

Yes! Since employers of the 21st century like their butler to be dressed to the latest fashion, we provide you with a modern butler suit. The shape is the original one, the color and styling is 21st century class

This stunning 3 piece suit is made to measure. On the first evening you will be measured by a professional tailor and a few weeks later you will own your very own butler uniform.

We do ask you to bring an navy blue suit. Since you will be wearing a suit for 8 weeks, it is advisable to change suits every other day, as you will learn during our wardrobe training. Details about what suit you need for the first weeks is described in detail in our brochure which you can download when you click here.

If you like, you can use our extensive wardrobe to change your look. You can use our ties, bow ties or accessories to experiment your style. In essence, a true butler is not recognized by his uniform but by his personality and style.

Do you guarantee a position as butler after the training?

In 2016, up to 90% of our students were able to secure a position! On the other hand it is quite impossible for any school to guarantee a job. Why is that? Because finding the right match between butler and family is sometimes very hard. It is a relationship which has to be considered very carefully.

Thru our excellent relationship with one of the most esteemed placement agencies in London we can state your chances are very high of securing your first experience as a butler.

We do feel that the demand is big enough for everyone to find a job. At more than one occasion our students started a job anywhere between one week to several months after the training, depending on personal effort and decisions.

We will provide you with a list of hundreds of points of interest where you can possibly offer your resumé.

Why do I need to wear the school uniform during lessons and on field trips?

Presentation is key as a butler. Our standard of discipline is measured by it. Therefor our students are required to wear the uniform at all times. We conduct daily inspections on your uniform to train you so your first impression towards your principal will always be impeccable.

Why don't you train in a castle?

This is the 21st century. Most of our former students are working in mansions very similar to our estate. Old castles are often challenged to put in the latest technology and we want you to train no different from the real job you will be performing.

Over 95% of our former students are working in houses very similar to our training venue. And by the way, there is no better place to enjoy nature and relax in our amazing garden.

Do I need any experience to follow this course?

People in the hospitality industry obviously have an advantage when starting the training. They might already master certain techniques. But the most important you need is a great personality and the willingness to succeed, thàt is exponentially important.

Is there an age limit to follow the training?

As of 18 years of age and upwards you can attend our courses.

Can you tell me more about the field trips and why you do these?

It is difficult to explain in a class room setting in what environment you will be working in, if you don’t have any experience. Therefor we introduce our students to certain companies and products which we feel you should know. School for Butlers and Hospitality is unique in its field trips.

We are the only butlerschool in the world that let you visit a private jet and explore how you will be working in it. We also visit the exclusive Champagne Bollinger, which is not accessible to the public. The most impressive is our 2 day trip to London, where we visit bespoke tailors in Savile Row, butler service hotels and other amazing venues. Next to that we choose our partners very carefully, they are all passionate individuals or companies with unique stories to tell you. You will be inspired!

Compared to other schools you offer a lot of theory, why is this and how do you combine it with practical training?

Sometimes butlers trained at other schools present their CV’s to us, seeking for employment. As we interview them we were surprised they were not aware of even the most basic etiquette or service knowledge. Therefor our focus has always been on theory combined with practical training. We had students coming to our school to be trained again, even after completing another butler school.

We combine theory with role-play scenario’s, real life guests and many examples. During theory and practical training we show you hundreds of photo’s and many videos to illustrate and to make it easier to understand.

Don’t get us wrong! The most part of the training is hands on. But we tailor it to the needs of the modern family. For example, we train synchronized service but it is not realistic to think you will have a household where you have 20 butlers serving at the same time. We feel there are other things equally important.

I have seen on the photos that the training is visually supported, why?

Indeed, our training consists of over 3000 slides during the 8 week training. This gives you a certain structure throughout the course and it’s a great way to present photo’s and videos.

Do you offer trainings in other languages than English, what about French for example?

The 8 week training is conducted in English. Since Belgium is a country with officially 3 languages, our instructors speak at least 3 languages and are there to support people speaking Dutch, French, English and German.

Why is your curriculum unique to other schools?

It’s all in the way we combine the information and the practical trainings. We have created a cutting edge system which is an unique blend of information, practical training and smart technology.

This allows us to train you faster but without increasing the intensity of the training. Another secret is that we never stop developing our training. Many butler trainings have been teaching the same curriculum for many years. The world is in constant movement. We keep adding topics and constantly look for trends, we feel you should be aware of. We are convinced your principal would be impressed when his butler is up to speed on the latest food trends and luxury items.

Is the course residential?

Yes, you can reserve a private room in our estate although this is not mandatory it is advised.

Is this training program officially recognized?

In October 2014 we received recognition by City & Guilds, London. Have a look here.

On top of that we are certified by the Qfor label by the Belgian Government.

Can I talk to any former students?

Yes, but we keep the details of our students confidential since they might be working for principals who care about their privacy. Nevertheless we can put in a demand for you to contact them. Upon their approval we’re more than happy to provide their details.

The best way to speak to them is to come and visit the school during a training. We are more than happy to give you a full tour of all our unique features.

Is there anything to do in my free time?

The estate is situated near the city of Bruges, Belgium which has been on the Unesco list for many years. This stunning medieval village has some real gems to discover while you stay with us and we suggest you discover it.

On top of that the cities of Ghent, Antwerp or Brussels are never more than 40 minutes away by car or train. Actually there is too much to do…

Your fee for recruitment is the lowest in the industry, how come?

Our students are our most treasured result of our efforts and we are proud when they find employment.  We don’t see any use in overcharging clients and asking for exuberant fees. We cover our expenses with this fee and it leaves us room to give the client a guarantee.

Some of our satisfied corporate customers