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Vincent Vermeulen - FGIntPT
Founder & director

Vincent is the founder and director of School for Butlers and Hospitality. He is already the fourth generation of a family that has dedicated its life to working in the hospitality and service sector. His family’s experience in this field is simply unrivalled in Belgium.

His relationship with the world’s greatest luxury establishments also means that the school can open doors that remain closed to all others. He has worked in various Michelin-star restaurants, trained and worked as a butler in London and led hospitality and service departments in a number of multinationals.

He is first and foremost a customer experience expert and consults for organisations and companies worldwide.  Next to that he’s also fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters  and author of the book ‘What we can learn from the butler’.

Kimberly Van Tornhout

Kimberly is the beating heart of the butler school and the strong woman behind Vincent. Behind the scenes, Kimberly makes sure that everything runs perfectly. She takes care of the accounting, administration and logistics. With her love for table decoration and an eye for detail, Kimberly assists the students in teaching and decorating the tables and making gifts.

Bert Degrande
Director of services

Bert Degrande has a management background and trained in the school in 2018. Since then he has worked as a head butler for UHNW families, mainly in London.

He is responsible for managing the curriculum and training various topics such as protocol, housekeeping and butler techniques.

Wouter D'hondt

Wouter is a motivated former student of the Koksijde hotel school. He acquired his competences during various international internships and his current profession. Training other enthusiasts in this beautiful profession was an obvious choice. After living in Australia for four years, it was time for a change. He gained new skills at School for Butlers & Hospitality. Now he is a proud ambassador and instructor for the school. Wouter gives both theoretical and practical lessons such as mixology, wine and drink knowledge and wardrobe care. He coaches the students during the private dinners.

Isabelle Coppens

Isabelle has been passionate about etiquette and manners from an early age, was educated in London at Minding Manners International (International Etiquette & Protocol Academy of London) and is a former student of the school. She provides lessons and workshops etiquette and supervises corporate training based on her own business experience and passion for service and courtesy.

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