Dear Mr Vermeulen,

I am so glad to hear from you and hope everything is fine?

I followed the program in February/ March 2017.

I started working for a Hnwi in Brussels one day after I finished my training at the School.

It was intended just to be a five days job as the principal had planned a cruise.
Unfortunately my principal became very sick on board and had to be repatriated by a helicopter to the nearest island (Seychelles).

The story continues with a telephone from Mr Vermeulen the day before Eastern with the question ”Do you have a valid pasport and if so could you leave immediately to the Seychelles so you can repatriate Mr. …..”

I just prepared a small bag and four hours later I was on a plane towards the Seychelles.

We now are 2019 and I am still working for my principal with lots of pleasure!

I do the entire household for my Principal such as : waking up, breakfast, lunch, diner, wardrobe, chauffeuring, eventing, personal assistant etc…

The school for butlers and hospitality is the best professional training that came along my path, it opened my passions and convinced me that hospitality was indeed the perfect choice for me!

Mr Vermeulen planted some seeds and awakened my passions and therefore I always will be grateful !!

G.D.K. - March 2017

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life changing experience you have given me.
Excellence is a journey, discipline the vehicle!

NM Stanley - Butler student, March 2017

Very professional training! Nice to have a professional that has been in the field and knows the little things that are life-changing.

Dirk V. - Butler student

We had a dream. We realized it due to your knowledge. You will guide us forever and we will honor you by being your ambassadors.

Frédéric L. - Butler student 2016

The training sessions of School for Butlers & Hospitality have definitely helped in increasing our customer service!

Carl S. - Mercedes-Benz

Best hospitality training ever !!

Ellen VdB - General manager international event agency

The training is an incredible experience full of fascinating and highly interesting information, also for our daily lives

Kevin D. - Butler student, November 2015

What Mathieu Barbe and Vincent Vermeulen provided went above and beyond our expectations.

Kim S. - Head Stewardess M/Y Luna, March 2016

Downton Abbey will never be the same again.

Karin L. - Butler student, January 2014

First of all I would like to say very big thank you for an amazing experience during the training course. It is very visible how much energy, passion and work you invest. There are a lot of moments and details I found very important and useful for myself and which were not covered during other trainings

Julia D. - Chief stewardess - Yacht training

Dank aan de school voor het openen van deuren.

Peter L. - Butler student, Oktober 2014

Je trouve ca extraordinaire que vous partagez avec nous votre connaissance. Avec tout mes respect!

Elizabeth V. - Butler student 2013

It was fantastic. The atmosphere was great, to never be forgotten! A real must-do!

Kristiaan P. - Butler training, 2013

After this training, I realized I knew almost nothing about hospitality and etiquette. It was an amazing experience !

Maxim M. - Butler student, April 2016

Some of our satisfied corporate customers