Very professional training! Nice to have a professional that has been in the field and knows the little things that are life-changing.

Dirk V. - Butler student

We had a dream. We realized it due to your knowledge. You will guide us forever and we will honor you by being your ambassadors.

Frédéric L. - Butler student 2016

The training sessions of School for Butlers & Hospitality have definitely helped in increasing our customer service!

Carl S. - Mercedes-Benz

Best hospitality training ever !!

Ellen VdB - General manager international event agency

The training is an incredible experience full of fascinating and highly interesting information, also for our daily lives

Kevin D. - Butler student, November 2015

What Mathieu Barbe and Vincent Vermeulen provided went above and beyond our expectations.

Kim S. - Head Stewardess M/Y Luna, March 2016

Downton Abbey will never be the same again.

Karin L. - Butler student, January 2014

First of all I would like to say very big thank you for an amazing experience during the training course. It is very visible how much energy, passion and work you invest. There are a lot of moments and details I found very important and useful for myself and which were not covered during other trainings

Julia D. - Chief stewardess - Yacht training

Dank aan de school voor het openen van deuren.

Peter L. - Butler student, Oktober 2014

Je trouve ca extraordinaire que vous partagez avec nous votre connaissance. Avec tout mes respect!

Elizabeth V. - Butler student 2013

It was fantastic. The atmosphere was great, to never be forgotten! A real must-do!

Kristiaan P. - Butler training, 2013

After this training, I realized I knew almost nothing about hospitality and etiquette. It was an amazing experience !

Maxim M. - Butler student, April 2016

Certains de nos clients corporatifs satisfaits