That strange item butlers use to dress the perfect table

Vincent Vermeulen - 13th April 2023

Dressing a table can take a while when you are a butler. We want guests to walk into a room and say: wow!

Aligning plates, cutlery and glasses is the bases of that very emotion. There are several ways to do this. One would be using your thumb. That would be approximately one inch from the side. However, butlers don’t do ‘approximately’, we do perfect. So the second option is to measure with a ruler, preferably a metal one these days. I must say that a wooden one has just that bit of romance to it.

The way we do it in the school is using a tool called a marking gauge. Truthfully it is originally a tool used by carpenters but it positions itself perfectly at the edge of the table from a distance you can choose and lock on the device.

A good tip is to have two of them. One for the plates and one for the cutlery.

If you are looking for purchasing one (or two), you can by clicking here.

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