Yacht training

Kimberly Van Tornhout - 31st March 2015

School for Butlers and Hospitality had the privilege of training the service and housekeeping crew of one of the largest private Motor Yachts in the world.

The crew was trained during a 5 day course in all aspects of high level service, table service and valeting. Not only did the students enjoy the training, also the trainers of our school were priviliged to work in this unique environment.

Our client* expressed his gratitude in a recommendation letter:

“I am writing to recommend School for Butlers and Hospitality training by Mathieu Barbe & Vincent Vermeulen. 

The course was given on board and covered different aspects of excellence in service. It was a very interesting week and very entertaining at the same time. As a result of the course the team will be much more pro-active which will benefit the efficiency of the team as a well as lift the service level on board. The course didn’t only show us the correct way of service but makes the service professionals constantly think about how to improve our service for our principals and their guests. 

I noticed that the service team is more confident, they are eager to learn and improve their service knowledge as well as their personal level of etiquette.”

Some of our satisfied corporate customers