Our mansion, we’re finally home

Vincent Vermeulen - 1st March 2016

It is our privilege to inform you School for Butlers & Hospitality will be moving to it’s final destination.

As of 2016, it is our pleasure to announce our new training venue. The estate is over 86,000 square feet and is the type of domain where we see most of our former students working. Here you will learn to professional run a mansion. There will be little difference once you start your first position.

The mansion has a very large living room, dining room and state of the art kitchen. It is further fully equipped with a walk-in dressing for specific trainings around high end wardrobes. The exquisite wine cellar lends itself to conduct wine tastings and learn all about different beverages.

Preparing our students for the real world, we have installed the latest technologies as well. Not only to reflect daily life on the job but to enhance the learning experience: interactive Ultra High definition LED displays, high speed wireless networking and introducing our brand new online curriculum. All these elements result in an unique learning experience, you will cherish your whole life.

Some of our satisfied corporate customers