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These days all the cookery programmes on television show just how much attention we pay to great food, not to mention the kind of service clients expect in a restaurant. Nearly nine out of ten restaurants struggle to provide the right level of service. Our unique training programme teaches staff techniques to improve their service and ‘click’ with their clients to such an extent that turnover is guaranteed to grow. The police and the army employ well-trained special forces to tackle difficult situations. Your restaurant staff also face many challenges and will be just as capable after their training.

Our instructors have worked in the most esteemed restaurants in the world such as Alain Ducasse***, L’Oasis**, Hof Van Cleve*** and high level cruise lines.

We have had the good fortune of training Michelin starred restaurants and venues featured in the ’50 best restaurants in the world’ list.

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  • Welcoming guests
  • What you should never ask a guests
  • Hospitality language: smart ways to interact with guests
  • VIP talent handling
  • Body language essentials
  • Guest care procedures nobody is using and are so powerful
  • Boost your return rate with 15%, guaranteed!
  • Service with style and grace
  • 7 basic etiquette rules every waiter should know
  • Order of service
  • ...

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