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What are the secrets of the best hotels in the world? How are they able to surprise guests during every stay, so they keep coming back?

The different roles a modern hotel butler can perform is the most effective way to keep a consistent level of service towards your guests.
A professionally trained butler will be able to work across departments, keep costs under control and will be seen by the guest as a trusted lineĀ of direct communication for all his needs. Whether it is laundry, restaurant reservations or housekeeping requests.

Our butler training focuses on the multi tasking capabilities of the butler coupled with the right verbal and non-verbal language.


The future of hotels

We firmly believe that service is the future of hotels. The human interaction with the guest is what can set your hotel apart. Our trainings are adjusted to your identity, your culture and location. Since a hotel is a home away from home, it should be unique because of the people working there…


Proven results

School for Butlers and Hospitality has a proven track record in training hotels and resorts worldwide. Upon implementing our strategies, we guarantee a rise in guest satisfaction and retention. Are you ready to grow?

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  • The mindset of the hotel butler
  • The difference between service and hospitality
  • The power of language
  • 8 steps to more self confidence
  • The art of recovery: from negative to positive
  • Etiquette training: business, social and dining etiquette
  • An unforgettable welcome
  • Pre-arrival butler script
  • Setting up the perfect suite
  • The hidden WOW factor
  • The art of greeting and welcoming
  • Guest history and preferences
  • Packing and unpacking suitcases
  • Entering a guest room, the butler way
  • Housekeeping 2.O
  • Preparing guest rooms
  • Domestic management system
  • Housekeeping techniques
  • Butler service training
  • Explaining the role of the butler
  • Service of refreshments
  • Upselling with finesse
  • Fine dining white glove service
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • And much much more...

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Practical information

Train your hotel staff to butler level

The most unique and innovative hotel butler training on the planet.

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