Since the start of our school we have worked for half a dozen premium car brands to enhance customer service. From short one day trainings to full mindset rollouts across a country.

The demand for high level customer service is everywhere. The automotive industry is seen by the average customer as the pinnacle of customer service.

Our trainings are centered around key values your brand might have. We work bespoke. During a first meeting, we can sense the DNA of the brand. The message a brand wants to sent out. And that’s where we come in. Adding the human factor to amazing cars.

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  • The setup of your showroom
  • The items your are missing to sell cars, and we assure you they are not there...
  • Handling customers during busy times
  • Letting the customer leave with a good feeling
  • A way to handle every type of customer
  • How to blow your customer away with testdrives
  • Chauffeur etiquette and fine manners
  • How to sell a car to a child

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