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Will I find a job after this training?

Yes! This training is not only techniques you learn, you also get immediate access to our network worldwide. However, we never guarantee a job, we are proud to have former students working with the most influential families in the world. That gives us an unique position to offer our students jobs. We do 80% of the work, the rest is up to you.

How do you assist students in finding a job?

Our 3 secrets are:

  1. We train you how and where to find jobs. On top of that we give you even all the tools of how to act and what to say during an interview to stand out from the crowd.
  2. The trip to London in our 8 week training where we take you to our partners in recruiting.
  3. Our former students. Our best ambassadors, who often contact us in search of new staff.

We can proudly state that multiple HNW families have chosen us as preferred supplier of butlers. The best proof is that we rarely post jobs on the website. The jobs are filled even before we can post them.

Is the training expensive?

Towards the bottom of this page you can see our fees. There is indeed an investment to be made but you have to consider what you get: all trainings, all field trips to London (2 days), Champagne, private jets, etc… also all of your meals, drinks, lessons and even the products to wash your laundry is included.

Fees start at €190 per day all-in (excluding taxes, different for every country). Don’t forget you are not only paying for the training but also investing in your personal life. This training will stay with you forever and the investment also gives you access to our network which will benefit you greatly.

Why are so many butler schools saying they are the number one in the world?

This is like saying what the best champagne is, it is about personal taste. What school fits you? The profession of butler is about discretion and offering invisible service. We would never claim to be the best, there is actually no measure for that. We measure succes by the success of our students. It’s not about us, it is all about our graduates.

What else is different about your school?

That is a question for our students, so we took the liberty of asking. The unique field trips is certainly one of the preferred features. Yet, the number one thing they love is the things they learn, the unique way it is presented and small group of students they can share it with. A very personal experience.

I have seen video’s on the internet that a butler training is like the military, is this true ?

Probably that video was not about our school. We lead by example, not by fear. We do ask a certain level of discipline but we interact with our students in a very respectful way. Even our instructors are obliged to thank you whenever you perform a task. Is that not the bases of working together? Mutual respect… oh, and we combine it with a smile!

I notice butler training is very traditional and some schools look like the TV show Downton Abbey?

We are totally different…. at School for Butlers and Hospitality it is rather Kingsman… 😉 We combine technology, fashion and the art of the modern butler for the 21st century, not the past century.

Don’t take our word for it, click here and see what our former students have to say.

Enroll now
  • The most exclusive butler training
  • 1, 4 or 8 week(s) of butler training at the highest level by experts in different fields
  • Personal introduction to the finest recruitment agencies in the world (NY, London, Luxembourg, ...)
  • An 85000 square feet high net worth domain
  • A 3 piece butler uniform at your disposal
  • Real live events and guests to serve
  • Work with sterling silver, Baccarat crystal and Limoges porcelain
  • Visually stunning CV with professional photos
  • Prestigious School for Butlers and Hospitality pin
  • Butler certificate
  • Included in all 4 and 8 week trainings
  • Your own private room with stunning view on the garden
  • Letter of reference to kick start your butler career
  • Private visit to Champagne Bollinger and Epernay
  • Wine training based on WSET certification
  • First aid CPR training with Red Cross certification
  • All meals, coffeebreaks and beverages included
  • All office supplies, wifi and Netflix access
  • Acces to our online platform for future reference
  • Fully organised field trips (e.g. private jets, cheese & beer pairing, Savile Row, etc...)
  • 8 week training extra's
  • Prestigious School for Butlers & Hospitality pin
  • 2 day trip to London
  • Exclusive tea time experience at the Lanesborough Hotel in London
  • Over 15 visits & guestspeakers in Belgium, France and United Kingdom
  • Luxury tastings
  • Yacht and cruiseline service training
  • Cooking classes by 3 star Michelin experienced chef
  • A full photo overview of your training, a great memory forever!
  • And much much more...

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It’s essential to look impeccable. After all, there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression and we are what we wear. That means there’s more to it than you might think. It goes from how to get a sharp crease in a pair of trousers to the right handkerchief to fit with your suit. This is why you will learn all about how to present yourself, as well as receiving tips that you can pass on to your client, suiting all kinds of occasions and situations.

Packing a suitcase

Clothing should be clean and free of creases after a journey, allowing it to be worn straight away. This can only be achieved when you master the fine art of packing a suitcase. There’s no better place to learn this than at the SBH. For example, a butler never packs a suitcase without first placing a sheet of tissue paper at the bottom. There are also special techniques for packing trousers and jackets, which you will only master with plenty of practice.

The gentleman’s shirt

“Shirts” are to a butler’s training what “sources” are to a history lesson. Indeed, a good shirt is at the very foundation of being a gentleman. During the training you will therefore learn the seven components by which you can recognise a good shirt. Such as learning to distinguish pearl buttons, creases on the forearm and the way that “collar stiffeners” can be placed in the collar of a shirt that fails to meet the quality criteria in full.

Quality, how to find it

Whether at home or abroad, a client always expects to depend on his or her butler to purchase just what is required at that moment in time or indeed to buy whatever the client fancies. This is why we will also teach you the secrets of shopping during your training, so that no time is lost and that you know exactly where to find the quality that your client requires. Just as you learn to recognise a good shirt, you will also know exactly what to look for in good quality trousers, jackets, cardigans, socks and ties. In this way each shopping trip will become a pleasant experience.

Clothes shops, the essentials

Discretion is a butler’s top priority, so he knows that it is not always those who shout the loudest who offer the best quality. Just as the best restaurants and the best wines can often be hidden away, the same applies to other items, including clothes and shoes. As a butler you will learn to recognise the hidden gems and become the master of true craftsmanship.



The profession of butler is and always will be a very hands on job. We focus very intensively on practical service and how to deliver it on the highest level possible and with an ongoing consistency.

  • The 6 p’s of planning
  • How to develop an unmatched eye for detail
  • Different styles of service: from silver service to the newest trends
  • Silver care

Why it takes hours to dress a table

At the beginning of training it can take up a bit of time to perfectly lay a table. The essence of the exercise has a hidden reason. When our students dress the table all our techniques come into play: anticipation, eye for detail, planning and much more.

Silver care

Sterling silver is made in a very specific way and requires a specific care. First we show you what real silver is. Then we continue on how to stock, clean and handle silverware.

Butter temperature

Often butter on the table is too soft or too hard. The real art of anticipation is getting it right. Oh, and if you think that is all we have to say about butter, you're mistaken. There is a lot more... ;)

Table emergencies

Your principal's way of welcoming guests reflects the standard of the household. Since nobody is perfect, things can go wrong. We show you how to turn a negative experience into a positive one.



On more than any occasion, people will turn to you in order to have the right attire for the right invitation. Or they might just not be daily concerned about etiquette. That’s where the professional butlers comes in, with the right training…

  • The history of etiquette
  • The right use of 2 handkerchiefs
  • How to escort a lady
  • Opening doors
  • Seating arrangements for different style of meals

Body language, the real etiquette

Opening a door for a lady, correct etiquette. Yes? Well, the gesture doesn't mean anything if you don't add the right body language. All our exercises are filmed and we analyze your every move, to get it just right.

Etiquette to get the butler job

We will show you how to be unique thru the use of a bit of etiquette. Your personal presentation, the way you come into a room and the right moment to take a seat. It comes all into play when going on a job interview. We take weeks to train you the right way.

Etiquette quiz

At the end of the meal, just before you leave to go home, where do you put your napkin? Left, right or in front of you? Or maybe on the seat of the chair? If you want to know the correct answer, you definitely should join our training...

This training is not only about your private life

The etiquette we will teach you is something you will be able to use your entire life. More importantly, it will not only serve you as a professional but also in your private life. It's all about feeling comfortable in any situation. Whether you are talking to a lady in a bar, a gentleman in a restaurant or a client in your company.

Butler skills

Butler skills

As a butler you are on stage, 24/7. Presentation, body language and service need to be in balance at all times. Therefor we present you following parts in the curriculum:

  • The guest matrix: handling different types of guests
  • The one thing a butler never says (and it’s not “no”…)
  • How to talk you out of any situation, without embarrassing anyone
  • The 3 golden rules of behaving with your principal
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • NLP techniques for butlers
  • Household management system

Domestic management system

A system that was many years in the making. You will learn to organise any size household to highest level. Learn also how to integrate technology to make your job easier and increase communication with your team

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We have very limited places for the butler training.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit or a video call to apply.

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