Private banking & real estate

Discretion is a core value of a butler. We practically invented the concept. We go with the motto ‘maximum service, minimum intrusion’.┬áThe private banking and real estate industry ticks the box of discretion, speed of service and anticipating clients’ wishes.

Our program, specifically targeted at handling HNWI come from our experience in private homes. Our customers are very similar to yours. Maybe they are even the same.

School for Butlers & Hospitality has a proven track record in enhancing personal service within high level companies that offer services to discerning customers. Leave it to us to show you how to put them at ease and focus on your product, not on the hassle of welcoming them.


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  • VIP handling
  • How to set up your waiting area with high standards
  • Don't offer just any beverage, do it the butler way, it will make a difference!
  • How to show a property to HNWI
  • The customer contact begins even before they arrive
  • How your body language and language will determine their mindset

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