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Organizing an event is like building a house. You do it gradually and precise with the laying of every brick.¬†School for Butlers & Hospitality has devised a training for several company types in the event industry. Wether it’s for a short term assignment or a long term paradigm shift, we are the perfect partner. We teach values such as body language, offering options to clients and up-selling with style.

This goes as well for the tourism industry. We have a vast experience in training airline and railroad staff. After this training, your staff will recognize customer body language much quicker and interact in a way never seen before.


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  • Airline staff trainings
  • Railroad: service in small spaces
  • 6 amazing SOP's to use on your next event
  • The one secret of a good event
  • The corporate identity of your event and how to organize it
  • Breakthrough checklists to never forget any detail

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